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The 2019 Digital Learning Initiative (DLI) Symposium will convene faculty and learning technology, faculty development and online learning professionals and administrators from the 17 UNC System constituent institutions and the System Office. The objective of this symposium is to highlight, share and celebrate the digital learning innovations happening across the UNC System. Particular emphasis is placed on presentations and case studies demonstrating effective and efficient digital learning pedagogy and instructional strategies – and learning technologies and delivery models in support thereof.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Opening Keynote:                                                             Multi-Context Adaptive Learning at Scale

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From left-to-right, University of Central Florida’s Dr. Patsy Moskal, associate director for the Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness, and Dr. Charles Dziuban, director for the Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness; Colorado Technical University’s Dr. Connie Johnson, chief academic officer and provost; and, Realizeit’s Dr. Colm Howlin, principal researcher.   More about speakers

The University of Central Florida (UCF)-Colorado Technical University (CTU)-Realizeit team will discuss their current research findings, which suggest that the underlying pattern of learning in adaptive courses remains comparable across disciplines and institutions. The team will also discuss the implications of their findings for predictive analytics and adaptive learning instructional design and delivery at scale.  Further, these speakers will discuss the importance of establishing collaborative research partnerships among universities and technology partners “where the technology does not drive the work, but rather the research helps improve the technology”. Using their own working relationship as a case study, the representatives from the UCF-CTU-Realizeit partnership will explain how each organization brings different strengths to their work. CTU achieves scale with adaptive implementation; UCF integrates research and data into the decision-making and policy processes; and Realizeit brings advanced analysis skills and makes transparent analytic data available to its partners. As a result of this partnership, each organization improved its adaptive learning process. The universities improved their pedagogy, while Realizeit enhanced its adaptive learning platform. The implications of this partnership are many for the UNC System’s diverse campuses and the UNC System Office’s strategic objective to provide greater access to higher education for the nearly five million underserved students across the state of North Carolina. Achieving this objective will require inter-campus and technology-provider partnerships to deliver greater access while also maintaining quality and affordability at scale.

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