Thanks to NC State University for providing the registration and LMS infrastructure to deliver the DEOC workshops. Please note: Registration for the DEOC workshop will require you to create a NCSU “Brickyard” account to register for the DEOC course delivered by the UNC System Office.

What UNC faculty are saying about the workshop:

“The course helped to better understand my own course, it allowed me to see the “big picture”. I also learned a lot about technology and teaching tools; I learned to not to be afraid of being in front of the camera.” 

Jose Bravo de Rueda, Ph.D.

Faculty Member, North Carolina A&T

“It really helped me process what is the best way to structure my course so that my learning outcomes didn’t suffer as a result of not meeting in class as we traditionally have.” Michael Pearce

Faculty Member, North Carolina Central University

“What a great experience! I especially appreciated how well structured the workshop was (i.e. with connected modules covering a number of relevant topics), how easy it was to move from activity to activity, and the number of spaces that were created to provide/receive peer feedback.”

Mariano Garrido-Lopez, Ph.D.

MBA Program Director, Western Carolina University