Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to use a fresh distribution list each time?

If you are using one of the large list serv addresses, such as the All System list, individuals are added and purged daily as we have turnover in the System Office. By getting a download on the day you send, you have the most up-to-date information, and you don’t have to manually maintain the list. By having the list of individuals instead of one address, you will be able to see how many on the list read the content.

How is user data generated?

MailChimp uses “predictive demographics,” which uses data science to predict the gender and age of your contacts.  It is not an exact science – it is based on models MailChimp has built.

Do I have to redesign the campaign (email) each time?

Nope! Find the old campaign, replicate it, and update the content.

When replicating an email, rename it before you work!

How do we protect the privacy of our distribution (email) lists?

We’ll have an answer shortly…

In the FROM field, what email and domain should I use?

Individual name or department and the special domain (systemoffice) set up by IT. 

For example: would be

Be sure to add “systemoffice” to the from field!

On event invite template, can there be an easier way to send reminders, monitor guest RSVPs, and keep up with responses?

We will have more in depth training sessions in the near future.

Additional FAQs and answers to be added.