unc Laboratory schools

The UNC Lab School initiative aims to provide enhanced educational programming to students in low-performing schools and to plan demonstration sites for the preparation of future teachers and school administrators.

Future teachers of North carolina

The Future Teachers of North Carolina (FTNC) program creates opportunities for high school students with strong academic, interpersonal, and leadership skills to enroll in college-level education courses in their respective high schools, to encourage teaching as a career pathway.

teacher recruitment

The Teacher Recruitment initiative includes on-going assessment of recruitment needs, both at the regional and state levels, as well as allocating resources to support teacher recruitment efforts, sharing best practices, and carefully monitoring recruitment outcomes among UNC institutions.

north carolina Teaching fellows

The North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program is a competitive, merit-based forgivable loans for service program that provides up to $4,125 a semester ($8,250 a year) for up to four years to highly-qualified students committed to teaching special education or a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) field in a North Carolina public school.

eduator preparation advisory group

The UNC Educator Preparation Advisory Group is comprised of a group of education experts across P12 and higher education to better prepare student teachers for literacy instruction and the classroom. The group’s work started in the late summer of 2018 and will continue until their goals have been reached.   

UNC Educator Quality Data and Research initiative

The UNC Educator Quality Data and Research Initiative (EQRI) was created to develop research methods to better understand teacher and school quality in North Carolina. The research for EQRI is displayed through the UNC Educator Quality Dashboard powered by SAS.