Advising Tools – N.C. Community College Transfer Students

Baccalaureate Degree Plans (BDP) and Four Year Transfer Guides 

The CAA and the Uniform Articulation Agreements require that each UNC institution provide a four-year degree plan that map out the requirements for each baccalaureate degree. The links below direct advisors/students to these plans.

CAA Transfer Courses 

Appendix G of the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement provides a list of approved courses that transfer from a N.C. Community College to a UNC Institution. The courses include: Universal General Education Transfer Courses (UGETC), General Education courses, and Pre-Major Electives. Note: Courses included on the Transfer Course List below may not be universally applicable to a particular major. The BDP for the major at the selected UNC institution should be consulted when advising potential transfer students to ensure the appropriate courses are completed. 

Transfer Equivalency Search by Institution

Each UNC System Institution provides information about transfer course equivalencies. Please note that the information is updated continuously and does not replace the formal transfer credit evaluation process.