About Tobacco Road Golf Club

TOP 100 IN THE WORLD | Golf Digest: 4.5 Stars | ARCHITECT: Mike Strantz

Tobacco Road Golf Club, established in 1998, continues to redefine golf in the Sandhills of North Carolina. This landmark design from the late Mike Strantz is carved from a sand quarry and stretches the boundaries of traditional golf course architecture. In the words of Dr. Alister MacKenzie, Strantz believed in testing a player’s “eye, determination, and wits” with his artistic flair. Tobacco Road is ranked among the best in the world and boasts some of the finest conditions. Stunning vistas and panoramic views set this course apart. Be sure to include this Top 100 golf course in your next visit to the Sandhills area.

To learn more about the course please visit Tobacco Road’s About Our Golf Course web page. 


Contact Information & Map to Tobacco Road

Tobacco Road Golf Club
442 Tobacco Road
Sanford, NC 27332

(877) 284-3762 (p)
(919) 775-1940 (p)
(919) 775-1985 (f)