Finance Data Mart Resources

The Finance Data Mart (FDM) presents high level financial data for the UNC System.  Data are supplied by constituent institutions by way of import from the enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems into a web-accessible data warehouse. The data collected support planning, analysis, and assessment efforts at the central (System Office).  The FDM provides foundational, though not exhaustive, information about UNC System business operations. 

CategoryResourceDescriptionUNC System Login Required
Agenda and NotesFDM Monthly Call Agenda and NotesAgenda and Notes for Monthly Calls. Includes links to the meeting.
Monthly CallMonthly Call Link3rd Friday of each month 10AM.
FDM LoginFinance Data Mart LoginLink to the Finance Data Mart. The Dictionary is available without a login. Other features require permission from a member of the campus FDM team with permission to grant access to others.
FDM Email ListEmail subscription pageManage your subscription to the FDM System Updates email distribution list
FDM Data DictionaryFDM Data DictionaryData dictionary by category and field.
FDM Chart of AccountsFDM Chart of Accounts - QAChart of Accounts - working version for development and QA purposes. See FDM Reports for production version.
FDM User GuideFDM User GuideFDM User Guide
FDM Data Feeds and DatasetsData Feeds and DatasetsData feeds are supplied to the FDM from the campus in Snapshots. One or many data feeds are joined to form reporting datasets.
FDM Upcoming Release ChangesFDM Code Changes PublicPlanned changes for the upcoming release.
FDM CalendarFDM Release ScheduleKey dates for release to QA and Production.
FDM RoadmapFDM RoadmapEnhancements requested or planned for the Finance Data Mart future releases.
FDM ProcessesProcess DocumentsExplanation of common FDM processes.
FDM Project OverviewFDM IntroductionPresentation on FDM background and overview
FDM Project OverviewFDM Project RolesA description of the university and system office roles by project stage
FDM TeamUniversity Points of Contact (POC)Lead contact and team members for each university
FDM DocumentsFDM Document LibrarySystem and process document library.

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