Human Resources Data Mart Resources

UNC Human Resources Data Mart (HRDM) presents employee, positions, compensation and benefits, and related data for the UNC System. Data is supplied by constituent institutions. The data collected support not only mandatory HR and education reporting requirements, but also planning, analysis, and assessment efforts at the central (System Office) and campus levels.

CategoryResourceDescriptionUNC System Login Required
DatasetsHRDM DatasetsReporting datasets, formed from data feeds from campus
Data DictionaryHRDM Data DictionaryData dictionary by category and field
User GuideHRDM Campus User GuideComprehensive guide for HRDM users
Data FeedsHRDM Data FeedsData feeds are supplied to the HRDM from the campus in monthly Snapshots. One or many data feeds are joined to form reporting datasets
Data Feed Mapping from PayrollHRDM Data Feed mapping from SSC Payroll systemFor Shared Services Campuses (SSC) who utilize a Payroll system from the System Office, this documents the baseline code mapping from that system to HRDM
Change Control DocumentsHRDM Change Control DocumentsEnhancements and other changes for the HRDM releases
Personnel Data File (PDF) ManualPDF Manual 2017Provides additional detail for the frequently used PDF dataset
(last updated 2017)
Historic PDF DocumentationHistoric PDF DocumentationProvides historic information about the frequently used PDF dataset
(from 2009-2014)

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