We are excited to share that our team has received an invitation to learn more about RaiseMe, a platform that seeks to make community college transfer more accessible to community college students. RaiseMe allows students to start building transfer scholarships, starting in their first semester, for engaging in decisions that correlate with retention and completion. For example, students might earn scholarships, directly from four year colleges, for earning and “A” in a class, or visiting with an academic advisor. In the UNC system ECU and FSU are RaiseMe partners!

RaiseMe also provides a free platform for advisors and faculty members that allows you to see the progress your students are making, and which colleges they are considering transferring to. Additionally, free curriculum and resources are available to help in supporting students all through their transfer journey.

To participate in a webinar demonstration of the platform please join RaiseMe on February19th, at 2:00pm ET. This interactive session will allow you to connect directly with the RaiseMe team! RaiseMe Webinar RSVP