SDM Resources

UNC Student Data Mart (SDM) presents student, course, instructor and related data for the UNC System.  Data is supplied by constituent institutions.  The data collected supports not only mandatory education reporting requirements but also planning, analysis, and assessment efforts at the central (System Office) and campus levels.

A one-time invitation is required to access the UNC System Microsoft environment and available Sharepoint files. Click Here

CategoryResourceDescriptionUNC System Login Required
Agenda and NotesSDM Monthly Call Agenda and NotesAgenda and Notes for Monthly Calls
Monthly Call 2022Monthly Call LinkFirst Fridays of the month at 10AM. Download calendar reservation for Outlook or Google
Email listEmail list subscription pageManage your subscription to the SDM System Updates email distribution list
SDM 101SDM 101Video introduction to Student Data Mart.
SDM Data DictionarySDM Data DictionaryData dictionary by category and field.
SDM Data Feeds and Data SetsData Feeds and DatasetsData feeds are supplied to the SDM from the campus in Snapshots. One or many data feeds are joined to form reporting Datasets.
SDM Upcoming Release ChangesSDM Code Changes PublicPlanned changes for the upcoming release.
SDM User GuideSDM User GuideSDM User Guide
SDM RoadmapSDM RoadmapEnhancements requested or planned for the Student Data Mart future releases.
CalendarSDM Snapshot and Code Release ScheduleSDM Snapshot and Code Release Schedule
CalendarUNC IR Reporting CalendarUNC IR Reporting Calendar Aligned with SDM Snapshots
SDM White PaperSDM White PaperStudent Data Mart (SDM) White Paper - How 16 Universities Built a Data Warehouse
SDM DocumentsSDM Document LibrarySystem and process document library.