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Access to Course Collections Now Available for All UNC System Faculty!

Beginning July 1, UNC System faculty have access to open educational resources, texts, videos, slides, course plans, curriculum maps, teaching guides, assignments, assessments, and more to enrich the quality of their online offerings across ten high-demand courses: Introductory Financial Accounting, Anatomy & Physiology 1, General Biology, Calculus 1, Chemistry 1, Chemistry 2, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Organic Chemistry 1, and Introductory Statistics.

To get a feel for what disciplinary experts have included in these open, curated, disciplinary-specific teaching resources, OR TO USE THEM NOW IN YOUR OWN COURSE PLANNING, access the portal page here:

Over the past five weeks more than 70 UNC System faculty members, librarians, and instructional designers have worked to locate, curate, and organize extensive sets of rigorous digital instructional resources. Working as part of ten distinct cross-institutional course teams, the groups have developed course collections that are designed to complement and enhance existing introductory course plans. The aim of this initiative is to provide faculty members across the UNC System with expanded resources to support hybrid and online instruction. Each collection of curated resources may be adopted in whole or in part to supplement an instructor’s existing course plans and materials. The resources are not intended as a stand-alone course, but rather to supplement existing course plans.

Access the portal page here