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Now this is how companies should try to get us to use their products

Interesting way the Wall Street Journal is trying to get their paid and proprietary content into our classrooms.  It is an inspiredway to get faculty and students to become subscribers.  In the past, they would simply offer limited-time free subscriptions or subscriptions at a reduced education rate. In this scenario, they are providing faculty with tools and advice to leverage WSJ Content.  They have a seminar series for faculty, critical thinking resources and how to guides. While primarily seen as a tool for business schools, they appear to be going broader with a seminar on “How Non-Business Majors can use the Journal.”

This is precisely how for-profit organizations need to engage with higher education….understand our needs, understand how their products authenticallyfit into our work flows and provide resources to make integration as easy as possible (and of course at an education rate).  Note: I have no relationship, or ownership, in the WSJ or related companies.

As part of the work of Faculty Fellow Ben Powell (working on licensing and shared services), we will be exploring this opportunity.