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Episode 3: A Review of EdSurge Article, “The Beginning of a New Era in the Online Degree Market.”

In this podcast, Jim and Gates discuss a recent article in EdSurge titled, “The Beginning of a New Era in the Online Degree Market.”  Much of the discussion focuses on the recently announced merger of Southern New Hampshire Univerity (SNHU) and LRNG.  The partnership plans to provide online micro credentials and degree programs that are aligned with local and regional workforce needs.  

About LRNG: LRNG works with cities and organizations to connect learning experiences to career opportunities, ensuring that all young people, especially those from underserved communities, have inspiration and guidance to prepare them for life and work in the modern economy. 

About SNHU: SNHU has grown from 2500 students to over 80,000 in just under 13 years, and is the second largest nonprofit provider of online higher education in the United States.