Enrollment Dashboard

Headcount and FTE of enrolled students

Admissions Dashboard

Counts, ratios, profiles of applications, acceptances, and new enrollments

Courses, Sections, SCH Dashboard

Count of class sections, sum of hours, and enrollments

Transfer Courses Dashboard

Courses transferred and other credit awarded to UNC students

Retention/Graduation Dashboard

Count and percent of students retained and graduated

Performance Dashboard

Course grade distribution and student cumulative GPA

Financial Aid Dashboard

Count and sum of financial aid awards by source and type

Faculty/Staff Dashboard

Headcount and FTE of faculty and staff

Finance Dashboard

Sum of revenue and expense reported to the IPEDS Finance survey

Peer Comparison Dashboard

Compare key metrics reported by US universities to the IPEDS survey

Facilities Dashboard

Sum and ratio of hours of campus classroom usage

Strategic Plan Dashboard

Key metrics in the UNC Strategic Plan

What is Insight?

Insight is the University of North Carolina System analytics platform, managed by HelioCampus. Insight offers:

  • Data visualization capability in Tableau including:
    • Daily updates on applications and enrollments
    • Official state and federally reported measures
    • Actionable insights into applicant and student success
    • Rich data visualizations and trend analysis
  • Direct access to UNC Data Mart and some third party (e.g. IPEDS or Clearinghouse) data using SAS, or other reporting tools
  • Data storage capacity in Amazon Redshift
  • Data science, and predictive analytics for strategic planning
  • Three levels of capabilities to suit campus specific needs

Access is available to permissioned UNC System users, and access levels can by customized to see all data submitted by all instutions in the UNC Data Mart, or may allow users to see aggregated data displayed in dashboards.

To receive email updates or collaborate in other ways with the Insight community, see this article (click link). Have a question? Email insight@northcarolina.edu with questions or comments, generating a ticket number to track it.

Level Up to Suit Your Campus

  • Level 1 is provided to all UNC campuses, with unlimited viewing capacity and out-of-the-box visualizations for admissions, enrollment, courses, sections, performance, and more via direct access to the UNC Data Mart
  • Level 2 includes Level 1, adding a dedicated data integration space in Redshift, and source to all of the Tableau visualizations with unlimited editing to customize or create your own visualizations
  • Level 3 includes Level 2, adding data science expert collaborators from HelioCampus to create advanced predictive or prescriptive analytics

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Tell Us what You Need

See all available resources, including the Insight Roadmap, Did You Know news and information, the one page, printable product brochure, and how to join the monthly calls among all Insight users and campuses. Note: viewing some resources requires logging in with your UNC credentials.