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This resource is intended to provide assistance to faculty who need to move their classes online quickly.  It is designed to support the use of technology that allows faculty to hold classes when circumstances prevent them from physically meeting with students.

We have tried to strike the right balance between providing the bare essentials to avoid overwhelming those who are new to online teaching and providing enough detail to help them ramp up to online teaching quickly and efficiently.

We will try to be responsive to additional requests from the university community. The current document and updated versions can be found below in native Word format for easy use and remix as well as PDF. To view this document on the web, select the “Preview” button for the PDF version.  Please feel free to distribute this document widely.

If you or your institution would like to see something added to this resource, or if you would like to contribute information to it, please contact me.

For the past several weeks, teams from across the UNC System have quickly mobilized and come together to contribute to “Moving to Alternative Instructional Formats.” Without them, this resource could not have been created. The end of this document offers special recognition and thanks to the people who went above and beyond to make this happen, including, the Faculty Assembly, the Faculty and Academic Development Center Directors, Distance Education Directors, and the Digital Learning Community


James Garner Ptaszynski, Ph.D. 

Faculty Resources: Moving Courses Online

V1.2 - Moving to Alternative Instructional Formats 3-23-20 Download
V1.2 - Moving to Alternative Instructional Formats 3-23-20Click "Preview" to read this document online. DownloadPreview