Attached is the template for the Annual HR Compliance Report, covering fiscal year 2018-2019. The report is nearly identical to the previous year’s template with only some modest changes, including:

  1. Adding more specific questions on vehicle allowances
  2. Adding a column for new hires that distinguishes between external hires within and without the UNC System
  3. Making slight changes to IRIT Codes based on the new IT Professional IRIT class

This year, we ask that campuses receive word that their Plan has been successfully reviewed before implementing any changes to their SAAO-II ranges.

Given the sensitivity of that, we’d like to collect your final responses by Friday, April 10, which will give you just over 2 months. If for any reason that schedule creates coordination issues with your planned BOT meetings, please contact me, and we’ll discuss an alternate submission day. We are happy to begin work on this sooner, too.

Any questions about the report can be sent directly to me. If you have concerns or feedback on the template itself, please let me know; and I’ll be sure to communicate any minor adjustments or tweaks with all possible haste.

FY18-19 Annual HR Compliance Report – Final Template