Round of Applause Awards

Congratulations to the following individuals who have received Round of Applause recognition from their colleagues! To nominate a co-worker for the Round of Applause Award, visit the online nomination form

Trivia Johnson

Trivia Johnson’s level of customer service is unbeatable! I needed a form filled out for my Public Student Loan Forgiveness. She turned the form around same day. Thanks to her swift response and accuracy in filling out the form, it was accepted by the Department of Education, and as of earlier this month (March 2022), my public student loans have been forgiven!!

Nominated by Heather Hummer

Ronnean Collins

Many thanks to Ronnean for teaching a wonderful two-day Mental Health First Aid class to a group of graduate students at UNC-Chapel Hill. Ronnean has been instrumental in the rollout of the Mental Health First Aid course to our campuses and we so appreciate her tremendous work!!!

Nominated by Bethany Meighen

Martina Gargard

Preparing for the biennial Employee Engagement Survey requires a lot of data correlation to make sure that we have correct information for all 48,000 faculty and staff members. Martina was integral to that process by verifying organizational levels and home departments for every institution on tight timeframes. We could not have administered the survey on time without this crucial work. Thank you, Martina!

Nominated by Kathy Bryant

Katherine Lynn

I would like to express my appreciation to Katherine Lynn and the Facilities Management team for their collaboration with the End User Services team on the Spangler office moves and CSLD consolidation. Katherine and her team did a great job managing communications and coordinating a tremendous amount of work that required long hours during and outside of business hours to successfully complete the project.

Nominated by Ross Yannayon

Cindy Sykes-Walker

Cindy’s commitment to the CSLD consolidation project has been the key to its successful completion. From the very start, Cindy spent many, many hours thinking through the logistics, coordinating the various tasks and vendors, communicating with everyone affected, and executing the plan. Cindy is an experienced professional, truly dedicated, and always courteous and responsive, even in stressful and challenging situations. Thank you, Cindy!

Nominated by Katherine Lynn

Matt Johnson

During the CSLD consolidation project, Matt has stepped up and taken on any task that would help complete the project. If there was something he saw that he could do to help, he did it! Thank you, Matt, for your hard work and commitment to this project!

Nominated by Katherine Lynn

Angelisa Riggsbee

Thanks to Angelisa for always making sure that our Board materials are well-prepared. She is very conscientious and does a great job of communicating with staff to make sure materials are in order. Most of all, I appreciate that she is always kind and does her job with a smile!

Nominated by Katherine Lynn

Warren Sanders

Warren’s hard work and commitment to the CSLD consolidation project have greatly contributed to its successful completion! He has enthusiastically helped with all aspects of the move from continuously emptying recycling bins to physically moving TONS of furniture. He is a great addition to our facilities team!

Nominated by Katherine Lynn

Ross Yannayon

Thanks to Ross and the IT end user support team for their coordination and teamwork with the CSLD consolidation! They worked closely with our facilities team to ensure IT equipment was gathered prior to moving furniture and properly relocated in the new office locations, even working long hours and weekends to minimize disruptions.

Nominated by Katherine Lynn

Laurelin Tate

This week, Laurelin jumped in to help with a critical video publishing issue. In the face of urgency, Laurelin managed the situation with kindness and understanding, focusing on the solution and moving quickly to action. And that’s always the response you get from Laurelin! She is an incredible strength on our team and her focus, expertise and compassion make us all better – she has “saved the day” many, many times for us and always with patience and grace!

Nominated by Cassie Irwin