Round of Applause Awards

Congratulations to the following individuals who have received Round of Applause recognition from their colleagues! To nominate a co-worker for the Round of Applause Award, visit the online nomination form

Sarah Smith

In addition to never saying “no” or “I don’t have time” to a question, Sarah went above and beyond over the summer in support of a cross-system, multi-institutional NSF grant. We couldn’t have pulled it off without her expertise, knowledge, and patience. Thank you, Sarah!!!

Nominated by Michelle Solér

Rhonda Melton and Preksha Patel

Rhonda and Preksha have done a fantastic job of handling an avalanche of accounting help tickets for ACH returns and returned checks over the past couple of weeks. SEAA is very appreciative of their diligent efforts to help with these problem transactions and I am too. Rhonda and Preksha are a tremendous asset to our team.

Nominated by Quita Loflin

Fred Joiner

Fred has been working in the office all the time during pandemic, he has been helping every user. I think he did and is doing a great job.

Nominated by Ramdan Maarad

Melaina Hall

Melaina is the epitome of customer service. She has frequent customer contact and I consistently receive positive feedback on her responsiveness and willingness to assist with complex processes and purchasing regulations. She goes the extra mile, whether it’s clearing a purchase requisition error at 5:30 on a Friday or chasing down ConnectCarolina technical solutions from UNCCH. Melaina deserves a round of applause.

Nominated by Sarah Smith

Round of Applause: Alexis Landrum

Alexis went above and beyond to assist me in completing a complicated evaluation report. What initially began with me asking her to assist with just one quick thing on a graph turned into her spending several hours creating high quality graphs and charts for the report. As always her work was high caliber and despite a few challenging charts she kept a positive attitude and conducted her own research to figure out how to display the data in the most effective way.

Nominated by Bethany Meighen

Round of Applause: Lisa Forster

Lisa has been my printing goddess recently. When I’m out of the office, I know she will proactively print off the documents I’ll need when I get back. Having the paperwork ready and waiting saves me time and aggravation since I don’t have to comb through emails to find what I need. Thanks Chucky!

Round of Applause: Samantha Hargrove

Samantha should receive a round of applause award daily for the intangible things she does in our office. She constantly encourages our team to perform to a higher standard, by promoting collaboration, lifting up her colleagues and choosing the exact path to follow. Applause is needed.

Nominated by Jason Tyson

Round of Applause: Angie Callesis

Angie always, ALWAYS, thinks ahead and anticipates what you need before you even know you need it! We so appreciate her!!

Nominated by Michelle Soler

Round of Applause: Neeta Gropper

Neeta’s organization and project management skills deserve a gold star! I could tell the employee appreciation lunch in Oct had Neeta’s special touch. Everything she does is classy, festive, and fun. I appreciate how organized Neeta setup the lunch this year. Multiple lines, someone to serve us, plenty of seating, and organized gift selection kept the event running smoothly. Even with the date change, she came through with flying colors. Thanks Neeta!

Nominated by Kathy Brantley

Round of Applause: Lisa Forster

Lisa is the consummate note taker. You can depend on her to have detailed notes from any team meetings or process discussions. I have my very own set of “Chucky” notes for our monthly Orbit submissions. She is always willing to share her documentation with the group.

Nominated by Kathy Brantley