Working at the UNC System Office

Working at the UNC System Office means you’re part of the team that supports our 17 constituent institutions, their nearly 225,000 students and 46,000 faculty and staff. This section includes information that’s specific to System Office employment. If you need more information on any topic, please email

Policies and Forms

Unless specifically noted below, SHRA and EHRA employee policies apply to UNC System Office staff. See the Policies and Forms page for links to various policies. 

System Office-specific policies and procedures include:

Systems Links

  • MyApps: Use your System Office ID to access the MyApps page, which contains links to many online resources available to UNC System Office staff, including GoogleDrive, MyCloud, and Qualtrics.
  • TIM: Use your Onyen login to access the Time Information Management (TIM) system and enter your hours worked and leave taken, as appropriate.
  • ConnectCarolina: Use your Onyen to access ConnectCarolina for your paystub and W-2 information, and to register for training programs offered through UNC-Chapel Hill. 
  • Onyen Services: Update your Onyen password.
  • UNC System Office Help Desk: IT assistance and knowledge base.
  • UNC System Office Listserv Management: Subscribe, unsubscribe, or change listserv preferences.

Paychecks and Payroll Calendars

The UNC System Office payroll process is managed by UNC-Chapel Hill. SHRA employees enter their time and leave usage in TIM on a biweekly basis. Employees must sign off on their time by noon on the first Monday following the end of the biweekly period. 

  • For SHRA non-exempt (overtime eligible) employees: Enter their time worked on a daily basis and update any leave usage on a weekly basis.
  • For SHRA exempt employees: Enter only their leave usage on a biweekly basis.

EHRA employees are paid on a monthly basis (last workday of the month) and need to enter their leave usage into TIM by the last day of the month. 

To update your payroll information, log onto ConnectCarolina using the Faculty, Staff and Affiliates portal. You will need your UNC Onyen to log in.

System Office Administrative Contacts

Find out who to contact for administrative needs at both the Spangler Center and CSLD locations. 

Employee Personal Data

Employees are required to keep all personal data up to date in University systems. This includes office location, home address, telephone numbers (office, mobile and home), as well as emergency contact information. UNC System Office Human Resources will notify you annually to review and updated your personal information and offer you an opportunity to self-identify your race, veteran and/or disabled status. Please update your personal information as appropriate. To update your personal information, log onto ConnectCarolina using the Faculty, Staff and Affiliates portal. You will need your UNC Onyen to log in.

For more information, please follow these instructions: Connect Carolina Personal Information Updates.

Text Alert System

All UNC System Office employees with cell phone texting capabilities are required to register their phone number to receive text alerts. This is intended as a safety measure to assure timely notification of critical updates to all employees. 

State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC)

The State Employees Combined Campaign is the UNC System Office’s annual fundraising campaign in support of the statewide SECC campaign. The campaign is conducted each fall.

Last year, our campaign had 61 donors who gave $16,587. Thank you to all who donated and we hope you all will make the decision to donate again this year! This year’s goals are to have at least 67 donors donate at least $18,246

Holiday Schedules

Permanent UNC System Office employees, like all permanent state employees, receive 12 paid holidays each year. Longstanding System Office guidance allows individuals to exchange the Spring Holiday for any other eight-hour workday during the same calendar year. Although the individual who exchanges will have to work on the Spring Holiday, please note that offices will still be closed that day. An exchange requires approval from the supervisor/manager in advance of the Spring Holiday and in advance of the exchange day. You must take the exchange day during the same calendar year or lose it and not get paid for it.

Training and Development

UNC System Office employees are eligible to take training programs through UNC-Chapel Hill’s Organization and Professional Development unit. Program catalog offerings and a calendar are available online and employees may sign up for training programs through ConnectCarolina using the Self-Service section.

Conflict of Interest and External Professional Activities for Pay