To:            Chief Human Resources Officers, Academic Human Resources Leads

Several of you have inquired about the ability for constituent institutions to accomplish some form of “locally” funded annual raise process (ARP) or one-time bonus opportunity with what very limited institutional resources might be available in spite of the lack of an enacted State Budget and a regular ARP process.

At this time, substantive efforts remain under way to seek State appropriations for the University’s ARP process when the General Assembly returns in late April. While we cannot forecast the final outcome of these efforts, Interim President Roper does not intend to authorize any locally funded ARP or one-time bonus process until we have a better sense of what is possible when the General Assembly returns to session. To conduct any institution-wide processes at this time will be counterproductive to the System’s efforts to seek relief from the budget impasse and to obtain much needed salary support for all of our institutions. In addition, without an enacted State Budget or “mini-bill,” an ARP or bonus process would not be possible for the University’s SHRA employees.

We will re-evaluate our position in this matter as the fiscal year progresses and developments warrant. In the meantime, you are reminded that with appropriate discretion, our standing salary administration procedures may be used to address high-priority labor market, equity, and retention needs as well as promotions, reclassifications, and significant added duties. The standards for these type of adjustments are no different than at any other time, and can be considered on a case-by-case basis. As always, they must be well-justified, proportionate, and consider other similarly situated individuals.

If you have questions regarding the salary increase request process, please contact any member of the System Office Human Resources Classification and Compensation team.