Program Benefits

  • Study at one of ten select educator preparation programs
  • Receive up to $5,000 per semester in financial aid
  • Benefit from unique enrichment experiences at your chosen institution
  • Join the ranks of a strong program alumni network
  • Profit from the opportunity to be supported by the New Teacher Support Program, which provides individualized coaching and professional development for beginning teachers

Why Teaching Fellows?

There are so many career paths, so why pursue the teaching profession? It’s a challenging profession. There are easier pursuits.

Why teaching? Because the pursuit of teaching is the pursuit of excellence. The pursuit of honing a craft and perfecting a science. Because excellent teachers are not just born, they are developed, equipped, and trained. Unlike other professions, success isn’t measured by achieving a sales goal or meeting a deadline. Success in teaching is measured by ensuring the success of others, by changing the course of a life.

The Teaching Fellows program has an important legacy in North Carolina. For decades, it provided a way for the best and brightest in North Carolina to have a place of influence and distinction by elevating them to a vital role — the role of a teacher.

So why Teaching Fellows? Because here in North Carolina, it’s not just about choosing a career that makes a difference, it’s about being equipped and trained to make that difference for the students that need it most.

The need is great. The challenges are real. But so is the opportunity and the reward. The opportunity to ensure that every student in North Carolina receives an excellent education that equips them for success. The reward of changing lives.

Be a part of the legacy. Be a part of a brighter future.