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Learn to Lead. Lead to Transform: Equity, Access, and Advocacy.

NC A&T CampusNorth Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is the nation’s largest historically Black college and university (HBCU). Known for its strength in STEM and graduating African-American leaders, NC A&T has a long legacy of social justice, activism, and community engagement. The NC A&T Teaching Fellows Program is centered on the theme, “Learn to Lead. Lead to Transform: Equity, Access, and Advocacy.”  The program has multiple opportunities for hands-on, sequentially planned field experiences in diverse schools and communities. Faculty provide high quality programs through research, effective teaching, field experiences, internships, and ongoing formative assessments.

The College of Education develops high quality “AGGIES,” or teacher candidates who are: Assessment leaders, Global Thinkers, Galvanizing Visionaries, Inclusive Agents of Change, Equitable Educators and Advocates, and Transformative Scholars. This framework emphasizes the importance of equity and culturally responsive practices, disciplinary knowledge, and pedagogical skills.

Assessment Leaders Aggie Educators are prepared to be assessment experts who analyze and interpret data and reflect on the results to make changes for continuous improvement. 

Global ThinkersAggie Educators are prepared to be global thinkers who prioritize learners and their diverse experiences in the instructional planning process.  

Galvanizing Visionaries. Aggie Educators are prepared to have a clear vision for how they will have a positive impact on student learning.

Inclusive Agents of Change. Aggie Educators are prepared to be culturally responsive and implement instructional strategies and assessments to effectively meet the needs of all students. 

Equity Advocates.  Aggie Educators understand the importance of equity in education and the larger socio-political context of schools in society.

Transformative Scholars. Aggie Educators transform teaching and learning through research, reflection, and decision making. 

  • Summer Enrichment Programs (Freedom School)
  • Supplemental Scholarships
  • Internships with Corporate Partners
  • Faculty/Student Research Projects
  • Civic and Community Engagement
  • Study Abroad Experiences
  • Professional Conferences

Degree Pathways

Master of Arts in Teaching – Initial License

  • MAT Special Education
  • MAT Biology Education
  • MAT Chemistry Education
  • MAT Physics
  • MAT Mathematics Education
  • MAT Technology Education

Undergraduate Secondary  – Initial License

  • Secondary Mathematics
  • Secondary Chemistry
  • Secondary Biology
  • Secondary Physics

Dual Licensure Undergraduate  – Initial License

  • Elementary/Special Education (General Curriculum)


Dr. Tosha Rooks