Campuses, good afternoon! Attached is the template for the Annual HR Compliance Report, covering fiscal year 2019-2020. The report is almost identical to the previous year’s template with only the addition/modification of two sections as detailed below:

  1. We’ve expanded Section 6 in Part 2 (Report on Hiring Activity).
  2. We’ve added Section 7 in Part 2 (Training & Professional Development).

I also added a note to the signature line confirming that electronic signatures are acceptable, given logistical issues in obtaining physical signatures now. Likewise, an email from the CHRO attesting that the Chancellor and/or Board of Trustees has reviewed all required sections would be appropriate.

The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2021. If for any reason that schedule creates coordination issues with your planned BOT meetings, please contact me, and we’ll discuss an alternate submission day. Any questions about the report can be sent directly to me. If you have concerns or feedback on the template itself, please let me know; and I’ll be sure to communicate any minor adjustments or tweaks with all possible haste.

As mentioned during an HR Council call, I will also reach out to CHROs individually starting on January 2, and provide general feedback and guidance based on your last fiscal year submission. Feel free to reach out sooner if you have questions.

Thank you,