It is understandable that many are feeling over heated with anxiety with the recent market volatility, but it is important to keep your eyes focused on the horizon. Market volatility is a good reminder to review your long-term plan and consult with a financial professional to ensure your financial portfolio is set up to meet your long-term goals. Just remember, stay cool and don’t veer off course.

Perform annual or semi-annual portfolio performance reviews to help build your confidence needed to reduce financial anxiety. Frequent discussions with your financial advisor can ensure your portfolio has a diverse investment line-up to meet your future financial needs, to include a few “market proof” investments.

Financial professionals are available to help you find rest in the shade of a good future financial plan. Contact Fidelity (schedule-a-meeting or 800-343-0860) or TIAA ( or 855-400-4294) to build a good financial plan today.