The month of October is designated as National Retirement Security Month (NRSM). This is a time to make sure your retirement savings and investments are still on track to meet your future goals. Learning more about specific financial needs in retirement is a good place to start and can help you make more effective decisions. Grow your financial knowledge by registering for one or more live webinars offered by TIAA, Fidelity, and/or CAPTRUST to learn more about ways to save and retire securely.

This is also the perfect time to evaluate whether you are on target to reach your financial goals and consider participation in the UNC Supplemental Retirement Plans. The UNC Supplemental Retirement Plans include the UNC 403(b) Plan and the UNC 457(b) Plan. To begin your journey toward a financially secure future, enroll in one of these supplemental plans and start contributing today. If you are already enrolled, consider increasing your contributions. To enroll or increase your contributions simply complete and provide one of the following forms to your University Benefits Administrator:

Enlist the help of a UNC System retirement plan financial professional for guidance on saving more for your future goals, how to maximize your investment portfolio, and discover how to close your financial retirement gap. Financial professionals with TIAA, CAPTRUST, and/or Fidelity are available to help you build a solid foundation for your future retirement needs. Reach out today!