Thomas W. Ross, Sr. Visionary Leader Award


UNC President Thomas Ross

The University of North Carolina Thomas W. Ross, Sr. Visionary Leader Award was created in 2015 to celebrate a member of the UNC Staff Assembly who has been proven an exemplary leader and one who inspires a shared vision on his/her campus and throughout the whole of the UNC Staff Assembly. This individual’s accomplishments are consistent with the leadership characteristics exemplified by Thomas W. Ross, Sr. during his tenure as UNC System President. President Ross modeled the way for others to follow, inspired shared visions of success for students, staff and faculty within the UNC System, challenged, and overcame, processes and difficult budgetary situations, he encouraged others to act and allowed them the freedom to do so, all while encouraging the heart and supporting those on the campuses as well as those who worked closely with him at UNC General Administration.

This award will be presented annually in recognition of a UNC Staff Assembly delegate who also embodies these characteristics.

Public Service and Leadership in the University of North Carolina

“The UNC Board of Governors has a fundamental duty to establish the University’s strategic directions, articulate an overall vision for the UNC system, and oversee the alignment of this vision with institutional resources, investments, and results. The President is responsible for pursing these goals in concert with our Chancellors, faculty, staff, and students; the University’s affiliate organizations; and the UNC Health Care System.”

Message from President Thomas W. Ross and UNC Board of Governors Chair Peter Hans
“Our Time, Our Future: The UNC Compact with North Carolina, Strategic Directions 2013-15”

 Selection Criteria

  • Nominee must be a current UNC Staff Assembly delegate or have completed a term of service within the 12 months immediately preceding the opening of nominations
  • The creativity and leadership impact of a nominee’s achievements are of a magnitude that greatly exceeds the normal accomplishments of Staff Assembly colleagues
  • Nominee must exhibit sustained, distinguished and superb leadership achievement by modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process, enabling others to act and encouraging the heart of students, staff, faculty and other constituencies on his/her individual campus, as well as within the UNC Staff Assembly
  • Nominee must be a permanent, full-time staff member

Nomination Process / Required Items

Nominations should be made to the chair of the Human Resource Committee during the month of May. Nominations should consist of the name of your nominee along with a narrative of why this person is deserving of this prestigious award.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Staff Assembly Human Resource Committee and GA Human Resources.

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