Staff Assembly Nominations 2019 – General Election

It is time for our nominations process to begin for positions that are up for election this year.  Our Bylaws state that officers of the Assembly, except the Chair, shall be elected by the delegates at the first regular fall meeting of each year. The Chair-Elect will assume the position of Chair upon the election of the other officers. 

A full description of the Duties and Responsibilities, Qualifications, and Time Commitment required for each position are attached to this email and can be found below.

Positions Open for Nominations


The Vice-Chairperson shall serve as Chairperson of the Campus Chairs Committee and is a member of the Executive Committee. The Vice-Chairperson shall conduct meetings and represent the UNC Staff Assembly in the absence of the Chairperson. The Vice-Chairperson will preside over annual standing committee formation. 


The Secretary is responsible for the official communication of the Executive Committee, Executive and full-body minutes, announcements, and the business of the UNC Staff Assembly and Executive Committee. The Secretary communicates Executive Committee business to delegates and the University staff through appropriate means.  

The Parliamentarian shall advise the presiding officer on points of order and parliamentary inquiries and delegates on all matters of the parliamentary procedure according to the most recent published version of Robert’s Rules of Order. The Parliamentarian will provide advice on conducting meetings according to the UNC Staff Assembly bylaws and procedures. This position will be seated next to the presiding officer in an advisory capacity.  

At-Large Delegate (2) 

It shall be the duty of an at-large delegate to attend all Executive Committee and Staff Assembly meetings and to stay abreast of all Staff Assembly activities during his/her term. These At-large delegates will be assigned by Staff Assembly Chair to a standing committee and may be asked to serve on Ad Hoc committee(s) as required for the duration of their term in office. 

Length of Term

All officers serve two years from the date of election or until their successors are elected.

No officer shall hold more than one office at a time.

Position Information

Nominations Deadline

Monday, October 14, 2019.

Please submit your nominations using the nomination form located below.

After nominations are received, nominees will be asked to submit a brief paragraph or personal statement about themselves and why they want to serve as Chair-Elect. These statements will be sent out to the body to review before our July meeting. Individuals being considered for an officer of the Staff Assembly must consent and receive approval of their supervisor before a nominee’s name is placed on the ballot by signing and having their supervisor sign the Consent to Serve form.

If you have any questions regarding the nomination process or if you would like more information about being Chair-Elect, please reach out to the Nominations Committee.

Thank you,

UNC Staff Assembly Nominations Committee

Jason Foster Katie Howard Velappan Velappan
Delegate-At-Large, Nominations Committee Chair Delegate Delegate-At-Large
828-227-2078 828-262-8123 910-672-1236

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Nominating Form

Are you interested in nominating yourself or someone else for a Staff Assembly leader position?  Please complete the form below.  You may  nominate more than one delegate for each position. 

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How to Get Help

For questions about the nominating process, contact Jason Foster at
For technical issues, contact Tarina Whitfield at or 336-750-8926.