Campus Chairs

The Campus Chairs committee is led by the Vice Chair of the Staff Assembly and consists of each campus chair. The primary responsibility of the committee is to provide a liaison between the Executive Committee and each of the campuses.

Additionally, members of the committee collect data from their respective campuses to be used in conjunction with reports from the other campuses to create Staff Assembly reports and recommendations. The Chair of the Staff Assembly can also request specific data from the committee to respond to questions from General Administration.

Communications & Technology

To facilitate open communication among staff and between staff and UNC General Administration in an effective and efficient manner utilizing appropriate and available technologies, such as the website and UNC Staff Assembly newsletter.

Executive Committee

Comprised of the 10 elected officers of the Staff Assembly, the Executive Committee is the governing body.


The Governance Committee serves as a resource, for the UNC Staff Assembly, on questions relating to the Bylaws and/or of parliamentary procedure. In accordance with UNC Staff Assembly Bylaws, the committee shall review all Assembly constitutions, Bylaws and Procedures, when adopted and/or amended for conflict or inconsistency with UNC Staff Assembly governance. The committee shall advise the UNC Staff Assembly on resolving conflicts with the UNC Staff Assembly documents, if any. The committee shall request Executive Committee action when necessary to bring Staff Assembly documents and procedures into conformity with stated parliamentary procedure.

The committee shall advise the UNC Staff Assembly of changes to the Bylaws that may require action of the UNC Staff Assembly to avoid conflict or inconsistency in Governance of the Assembly.


The Nominating committee shall be comprised of at least one delegate from the Executive Committee, and at least one delegate from each of the Standing Committees as well as the Past Chair of the UNC Staff Assembly. The Chair of the Nominations Committee shall be selected from the members of this committee. The Nominations committee shall oversee the nomination and election process each year according to the election procedures outlined in the UNC Staff Assembly By- laws and as outlined in the procedure manual. This committee will also assist with membership issues including addressing members not attending and coordinating with Campus Chairs to fill vacated seats.

Staff Development

The committee shall serve as a resource on proposed amendments to the bylaws, research and provide advisory opinions to the Executive committee of the UNC Staff Assembly. The committee shall maintain an official text of the Bylaws incorporating all changes as adopted by the UNC Staff Assembly and shall verify as correct all published text of the bylaws.

To investigate ways in which staff can benefit from training programs and to make recommendations to the Executive Committee of the staff assembly. The committee shall address such issues as career and professional development and basic skills development. The committee shall also be responsible for notifying staff members of other professional development opportunities available throughout the UNC system. The committee shall be a forum for maximizing communication about, and support for, the staff development components of projects system wide and a forum for advising on and recommending ways of providing for system wide staff development needs. The committee shall research the necessary resources for staff to develop, career, personal and professional needs and goals.