HOSTED BY ECU in Greenville, NC March 27-29, 2019

Welcome to 2019 UNC System Finance Conference Hosted by ECU  

It’s that time of year already!! Registration for the 2019 UNC System Finance Conference hosted by ECU in Greenville March 27-29, 2019 is now open. Thanks to all the presentation proposals submitted during the summer and fall, we are excited about the session schedule. Furthermore, this year we are introducing the “Unconference” concept to accommodate those times you don’t have a formal session to attend and you want to network with some peers to discuss a topic. Look for more information on the unconference below. Be sure to register for your sessions as soon as possible!


You may register for the conference at  https://myapps.northcarolina.edu/conferences/finsys/finsys-registration/  You must login to the Website before you may register.   The registration fee is $135.


The email confirmation after registration will contain a link to register for sessions.  We are using a new Scheduler App “SCHED”.  You may access SCHED from your computer or download an APP to your mobile device.  We encourage everyone to register for session as it helps the host committee to be sure we have rooms big enough for the attendees.  You can modify your schedule at any time before or during the conference.  Instructions for using the SCHED APP will be in your registration email or if you would like to preview the sessions you may use this link  http://uncsystemfinance.sched.com/grid/


This year we are offering Unconference Sessions.  Unconference is an opportunity for us to have impromptu sessions on topics of interest to attendees.  Studio A will be designated as the Unconference room and set up for about 15-20 people.  The Unconference Session can be hallway discussions that needs to move to a quiet area.  The Unconference Session can be a planned topic that you know other schools may be interested in but there is not enough interest for a full presentation.  The Unconference Session can be you asking for help to resolve a problem or to discuss an issue with fellow attendees.  More information on Unconference is https://myapps.northcarolina.edu/conferences/finsys/unconference/


The Hilton and Holiday Inn are within quick walking distance of the conference center.  The Hilton is attached with a breezeway and the Holiday Inn is next to the Hilton across a small parking lot.   Both have rooms at the same rate of $139 per night for a standard room.


HOLIDAY INN IS FULL Holiday Inn Reservations: ECU-UNCSystemFinanceConferenceOnlineBookingLink 

There are other hotels in Greenville several are within a 10 minute drive.  There is a Hampton Inn adjacent to the parking lot of the convention center.