Virtual 2021 Behavioral Health Convening Agenda

The week before the convening, all registrants will receive the schedule via email which will include the Zoom links for each session.


10 a.m.

Convening Opening

Keynote featuring Dr. Kevin Kruger, national president of NASPA





11 a.m.

1. You’re On Mute – Scaffolding Student Success in a Virtual Environment

Presenter(s): Jackie McHargue & Co-Kema Hines
UNC Asheville

2. From a Sinking Pirate Ship to COVID Cruise Directors: Utilizing Technology
Platforms to Build Community in Isolation

Presenter(s): Lauren Thorn, MSW, LCSW & Steven Trotter, MS
East Carolina University

3. From Prevention to Crisis: Addressing Student, Faculty, and Staff Well
being Every Step of the Way

Presenter(s): Suzanne Harris, Heidi Anksorus, Colleen Wernoski, & Faustina Hahn
UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

4. Cultivating Campus Relationships: Supporting McNair Scholars’ Wellbeing
During Internships

Presenter(s): Gloria S. Wells, Samantha S. Bell, Rikki Bullard, & McNair Students
Fayetteville State University

1 p.m.

1. The Black and Brown Pandemic: The Impact of COVID-19, Systematic
Racism and its Historical Role in Dividing, Oppressing, and Shortening the
Lives of Men of Color

Presenter(s): Dr. Roderick Heath & Shaun Andrews
North Carolina Central University

2. Carolina Peer Support Collaborative: A Campus-wide Collaborative
Learning Network as a Central Strategy for University Cultural Change

Presenter(s): Samantha Luu, MPH, Dr. Edwin Fisher, & Hannah Barker, MPH
University of North Carolina at Chapel-Hill

3. Mental Wellbeing: Equity, Access to Services and Resources

Presenter(s): Dr. Vivian Barnette, Marbeth Holmes & Chris Campau
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

4. Innovative Wellness (Panel)

Presenter(s): Stephanie Cartwright, Laurel Donely, Crystal Blair & Amy Goins
UNC School of the Arts

2 p.m.

1. Beginning an Embedded Counselors Program at an HBCU During a
Global Pandemic

Presenter(s): Dr. Carolyn D. Moore & William Hitt, MA
North Carolina Central University


2. College Men During a Pandemic: Connection through Group

Presenter(s): Thomas Zigo, LCSW
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

3. A Pivot Not a Pause: Supporting Students through Uncharted Territory

Presenter(s): Kevin J. Wade, Dr. Crystal Keyes, Tiffany Hinton, Kenneth Joyner
Elizabeth City State University

4. Implementing Mental Health First Aid Training for Pharmacy Curriculum
and Professional Education

Presenter(s): Suzanne Harris, Heidi Anksorus, Colleen Wernoski, & Faustina Hahn
UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy





UNC System Counseling Center Innovation Day

A new element for the 2021 Behavioral Health Convening is the UNC System Counseling Center Innovation Day. Learn more about the innovative programs that counseling centers across the System are implementing to build resilience and foster a culture of care regarding mental health, well-being, and student success.

During each session, counseling centers will share information about their signature programs, high impact initiatives, and success stories. This is an excellent opportunity to develop new ideas and build awareness about the mental health resources available on each respective campus.

10 a.m
  1. UNC Greensboro
  2. Fayetteville State University
10:35 a.m.
  1. UNC School of the Arts
  2. North Carolina Central University
11:10 a.m.
  1. Winston-Salem State University
  2. Western Carolina University
11:45 a.m.
  1. UNC Pembroke
  2. UNC Chapel Hill



10 a.m.

1. YANA (You Are Not Alone) Champion Program: Student Chat Sessions with trained
Mental Health First Aid Faculty

Presenter(s): Dr. Terri Tilford & Dr. Cheraton Love
Winston-Salem State University

2. Food and Housing Insecurity: Pack Essentials – A Campus Approach to Addressing
    Basic Needs Before, During and After a Pandemic

Presenter(s): Mike Giancola & Melissa Green
North Carolina State University

3. Implementing an Inclusive Peer Support Plan for an Academic Unit: Aspirations,
    Challenges and Progress to Date (Panel)

Presenter(s): Linda Beeber, Marianne Baernholdt, Cheryl Giscombe, Shielda Rodgers, Edwin B. Fisher, & Samantha Luu
UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing

4. Redefining Safe Spaces: Creating Opportunities to Connect for High-Risk and
    Marginalized Student Populations

Presenter(s): Emily Anderson, Laura Boyd & Domonique Carter
North Carolina State University

11 a.m.

1. “The Bigger Picture” The intersection between Hip Hop, Mental Health, and Social
    Justice (Panel)

Presenter(s): Andrew Watkins
North Carolina A&T State University 

2. From College Advocates to Peer Support Advocates: Enhancing Peer Support at the
    UNC School of Medicine

Presenter(s): Michelle Ikoma, Neil Cornwell, & Lauren Sibley
UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine

3. Reciprocity of Recovery Relationships (Panel)

Presenter(s): Chesley Kennedy
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Spartan Recovery Program

4. Faculty Mental Wellness: Protecting Human Capital and Ensuring Student Success

Presenter(s): David Green & Dr. William Robinson
North Carolina Central University

12 p.m.

1. Leading Institutional Change in Mental Health Support

       Presenter(s): Darren Jones, Ed.D. & Dawn M. Bornheimer
       Kognito, Corporate Sponsor of the Behavioral Health Convening